Tawny Owl sustains eye injury

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 20th September, 2022
Rehabilitation - 10th November, 2022


With their eyes in such an exposed position, tawny owls (as well as other raptors) are very prone to eye damage from impact trauma and, unfortunately, this particular owl is no exception.

Transferred to us from HART Wildlife Rescue in Hampshire, this poor owl has what is known as 'Posterior Capsular Opacification' (also called a secondary cataract) to one eye. Whilst not as obvious as other eye trauma, it results in significant vision loss.


With the bird presenting no additional issues, we are working with several leading veterinary ophthalmologists to try and fix the issue without surgery. Progress is slow, but we are keeping everything crossed for a non-surgical solution for this poor bird!

After days of treatment to try and reduce the damage to the eye, sadly, there had been no change. The only option for this poor owl, was for the team to remove the eye all together.
With just 1 week left of treatment, recovery is going extremely well!

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