Young sparrowhawk crash landed

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 6th July, 2022


With every bird that arrives, we always try our utmost to return the youngsters back to their nests. It’s absolutely vital that if you find a young bird of prey or any animal for that matter, always call your local wildlife hospital for advice before removing it from its location.

Precise locations are essential in any attempt to reunite an animal with its family. This young sparrowhawk fledgling was the latest to arrive, having been found at the bottom of a tree. Sadly though, having scoped out the exact location, we were unable to spot the nest as many of the trees had incredibly thick ivy surrounding them - even the use of a drone didn’t help.

Unfortunately for this youngster, he will now need to be cared for at the centre, until he is old enough to fend for himself in the wild.

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