Homeopathic Food Supplement for Foxes (Psorinum)

Psorinum is a food supplement traditionally used to support good body condition in foxes.

Anecdotal reports show these drops are a positive supplement to the fox’s regular diet. A good quality food given on a regular basis will likely help the fox gain weight and the drops must be added to raw chicken or liver, or cat and dog food. One bottle of the supplement will last long enough for the recommended feeding regime of 8 weeks. The drops will be sent with further guidelines.

As it is homeopathic it will not hurt any other animal and is safe to give to pregnant or lactating females.

If you have any questions regarding these drops, please call our helpline on 01372 360404.

This supplement should be given to wild foxes only and is not intended for human or domestic animal consumption.

Please note, it is £5 per bottle.

Delivery note

For UK orders, we aim to deliver your item within 5-7 working days. International orders may take significantly longer. Please be patient, if your order is delayed it may be because our volunteers are busy helping wildlife in need.