Wildlife SOS Series 10 - Part 2

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Wildlife SOS DVD Series 10 - Episodes 7 - 12

For intrepid animal rescuer Simon Cowell and his team at the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Surrey an average day brings the challenge of rescuing and caring for sick and injured deer, swans, hedgehogs, foxes, ducks and all manner of native British wildlife. But as Simon finds out when he visits his counterparts at wildlife charities in other regions of the world, the situations and the species may be different but the basic problems facing the animal kingdom are just the same. Over the series we will see Simon and his fellow ‘rehabbers’ saving the lives of kestrels, robins and badger cubs in England, helping to protect seals and dolphins on the west coast of Ireland, then venturing into war-ravaged Rwanda and the Congo to assess the survival prospects of the endangered mountain gorilla, looking after mistreated orang-utans in Thailand, learning how Namibian tribespeople are being encouraged to rediscover the ability to live in harmony with nature, and going undercover in a Vietnamese ‘bear bile farm’ to see some of the very worst excesses of Man’s inhumanity to animals.


In Cape Town, Simon teams up with South African wildlife rehabber Mariette Hopley on a mission to rescue penguins trapped on a construction site. Simon and Mariette manage to save the penguins and take them by boat to the safety of an island populated entirely by penguins! Back in Surrey, Simon rescues a hedgehog stuck in a drain and an angry squirrel trapped inside a bird-feeder, and helps a deer with an infected eye. An injured buzzard is taken to orthopedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick for major treatment.


Simon gets a call from a Surrey park ranger about a wounded Canada goose; on arrival they find the bird has been shot with a crossbow bolt. Back at Simon’s wildlife centre the bird is x-rayed and treated, and allowed to recuperate. Surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick undertakes tricky surgery on a seriously injured buzzard. And the centre treats its first ever African pygmy hedgehog. Meanwhile a call-out to a bird trapped in a suburban house turns out not to be a bird at all! In South Africa, Simon travels to Mossel Bay to meet shark expert Ryan Johnson and agrees to go swimming among some Great Whites!


South African conservationist Francois Hugo has dedicated his life to protecting Cape fur seals and has set up a sanctuary in Hout Bay for the rehabilitation of injured seals. Simon takes a boat across to Seal Island to see one of the seal colonies that Francois is looking after. Meanwhile, at Simon’s wildlife centre in Surrey the time has come to say a final farewell to the last of the orphaned badgers who are now ready to go back out to the wild. They get a final treat before leaving – a sumptuous meal of yummy earthworms! Meanwhile, the team deal with animal casualties ranging from a fox with its head stuck in a tin can to a duck that’s swallowed a fishing hook.

In Surrey, Simon rescues a young fox that’s got its head stuck in a garden fence, while vet nurse Lucy is struggling to save the life of an orphaned badger cub that’s too weak to eat. Local vet Guy does a tricky operation on a swan, removing a golfball-sized lump from its foot. Next, Simon is off to see his old friend Edwin who runs a charity in Thailand helping animals that have been mistreated and abused. Bears, tigers, elephants and orang-utans are just some of the creatures Edwin rescues from a life of misery, torture and exploitation. Back in England, both the badger cub and the swan are making steady recoveries.


A squirrel running amok in a suburban dining room and a fox trapped in a wrought-iron gate are among the challenges faced this week by Simon’s wildlife rescue team in Surrey. But in Belize, Simon links up with fellow conservationists Cherie and Vince Rose who run a crocodile sanctuary and invite Simon to help them capture a problem crocodile in need of relocation. This involves wrestling the crocodile to subdue it, measuring it, and then transporting it to a remote area of mangrove swamp to release it back to the wild. Meanwhile, another massive 10ft croc has taken up residence in a water treatment plant and needs to be moved.


At Simon’s wildlife centre in Surrey the team are trying to catch badgers to check them for fleas, while in Belize Simon has to get to grips with a larger patient – a crocodile. Vince and Cherie Rose’s crocodile centre has been targeted by arsonists but one of the crocodiles has escaped and Simon has to help them catch it and transport the croc to a new sanctuary. Simon also ventures out with a team of marine conservationists on an exciting underwater roundup of endangered turtles.


Last in the series. In Surrey veterinary surgeon Michael Hamilton performs a long and complicated operation to repair a badger’s broken leg, and an injured cuckoo that’s fallen behind the other migrating cuckoos has to be flown south with the aid of an airline so that it can catch up! In Russia, Simon meets wolf rehabber Vladimir Bologov and is introduced to two orphaned wolf cubs which need a surrogate mother – and it’s touch & go whether the cubs and their new parent will bond together.

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