Badger saved from territorial injuries

Updated 1 year ago
Rescue - 1st March, 2023
Rehabilitation - 2nd March, 2023


With February being the peak month of the badger mating season, competition for breeding rights is fierce. Unfortunately, many are left with nasty wounds as a result.

Rescued by Pete, one of our experienced rescuers, this female (known as a sow) was left with several injuries to her rump, neck and ear (characteristic of territorial and breeding behaviour). Although looking nasty, these types of injuries are quite common in adult badgers and, with a little care, they usually recover well.


Although looking quite nasty, the wounds to her rump were not too deep and should heal well. Once they were properly cleaned, the necrotic tissue was removed to accelerate the healing process and we will monitor to assess progress.

Her ear wounds were a little more worrying. Luckily, on assessment the damage was almost exclusively to the outer ear and the delicate internal structures remained undamaged. She will need surgery to correct the damage, but we need her to be a little more stable first. Watch this space!

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