Our smallest badger cub, this year!

Updated 10 days ago
Rescue - 24th April, 2024
Rehabilitation - 25th April, 2024


...And cue the collective "aaaawwwws". We have now seen 7 badger cubs arrive at our centre, with "Sandi", here, being our smallest, so far.

Transferred over from Folly Wildlife Rescue, in Tunbridge Wells, weighing just 1kg, she was discovered in Sandhurst (Kent), hence the name, just yards away from her sett.

The finder had placed tiny Sandi into something warm, next to her sett, and monitored her via a trail camera, in the hopes that mum would appear and take Sandi back to safety.


Sadly, however, no adults appeared, and Sandi was taken over to Folly Wildlife, where, lethargic and hungry, she was rehydrated and brought back to health.

With Folly already caring for an incredible 8 badger cubs, we were more than happy to help ease their load. Weighing just a third of our largest cub, King George, Sandi was still needing a little more support where it comes to eating and toileting herself.

After a few days of one-on-one care from our foster team, Sandi was brought back to the centre, and started on her journey on the weaning process. However, despite Sandi's great appetite, she began losing weight and having some, well, tummy troubles. But with our expert veterinary team on hand, Sandi was quickly diagnosed with a bacterial infection, and placed on suitable antibiotics along with pro-biotics. A week later and Sandi had gained almost 300g, and was now becoming quite the cheeky little badger cub!


Sandi gained a friend on the 3rd of May, when the lovely folk at Folly Wildlife Rescue got in touch to say they'd taken in yet another young cub, after she was found a short distance away from, sadly, her deceased mother.

"Cathy", nicknamed having originated from Canterbury the cathedral city, was introduced to Sandi, who was in desperate need of a friend, but was still too small for King George and Queenie. After some natural initial hesitation during their introduction, Sandi and Cathy had a good snuffle of one another and from then on the pair have been following each other around, with Cathy now teaching Sandi how to have a good old badger tumble!


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