Badger royalty has arrived at WAF!

Updated 26 days ago
Rescue - 10th April, 2024
Rehabilitation - 14th April, 2024


We have not just one badger rescue story for you today, but two. Introducing our badger cub royalty, "King George" and "Queenie".

With cubs now of the age where exploring their surroundings is way more fun than staying put in the safety of their sett. Unfortunately, 'King George', was spotted wondering alone in a public playing field, unsurprisingly, for a king, George was in great condition. We hatched a plan to try and reunite King George with his family. however with no obvious sett found and only a very large and obvious male appearing on a camera trap, we fear the worst for King George's mum. The risk of returning King George with only the known male around was too high for us to take and, thus, George was returned to the centre.


It is vital that badger cubs are reared with others to prevent them becoming tame, and dependent on humans. This was when King George got his Queen.

Liasing with other centres to try and find King George a friend, East Sussex WRAS got in touch after Queenie was found alone at a holiday park. Finding King George a friend, and giving a helping hand to another lone cub in need, is essential if both of them are to be successfully returned to the wild.

If you can't tell, Queenie is a happy little badger cub and, despite being 400g smaller than George, her personality and eating habits are larger than life! The pair are usually found snuggled up together or having a badger tumble, which, if you ask us, is just way too adorable to share, we mean, we think it could seriously put you all at risk of some major swooning... But, if you think you can contain yourselves, then check out the video below.

The duo will now be with us until September, so stay tuned for more updates!


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