Baby badgers arrive at Wildlife Aid!

Updated 11 months ago
Rescue - 23rd May, 2023


What's black and white, stripy and quite feisty? Our first badger cub of the year!

Transferred from a local badger group after being found with no sign of any parents, this little one is, unusually, the only young badger we've seen so far this year!

With it being absolutely vital to raise young animals in the company of their own kind, the search is now on for a friend to keep her company...


UPDATE - 23rd May 2023

When it comes to orphaned wildlife, it is absolutely vital to raise them in the company of their own kind, and we're delighted to say that our first badger cub now has friends!

Transferred to us from Folly Wildlife Rescue after, sadly, being found with their deceased mother, these little humbugs are still a little young to make it in the world on their own.

Now settled in as a group, they are doing very well and are already making a big mess of our orphan pens!

UPDATE - 11th June 2023

It's upgrade time for our young badger cubs!

It's not just our young foxes that have left our orphan unit recently... these four young badger cubs have also moved into a bigger run!

Now given a lot more space to run around in (and make a colossal mess of...), these pens back on to one of our largest enclosures that will soon be their home!


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