A Hog down a drain!

Updated 10 months ago
Rescue - 22nd June, 2023
Rehabilitation - 26th June, 2023


Imagine heading out for an evening stroll, maybe in search for some late night dinner, but then, all of a sudden, you find yourself in a water-filled hole with no way of getting yourself out. Frighteningly, that is exactly where "Storm" found himself.

Incredibly, a member of the public spotted him, contacted the RSPCA for assistance, and Animal Rescue Officer, Sam, was able to head over, free the poor hog, and transfer him over to us for a full check-up. With no way of telling how long he had been in the drain, our immediate concerns were hypothermia, as well as the level & type of water he may have ingested.


On admission, he did, indeed, have a low temperature, and was pretty lethargic in his demeanour. We also noticed that he had brought with him quite the smell, think farmyard!

One problem that occurs with fully assessing hedgehogs, is their natural defence mechanism of curling into a tight ball! Their 5000+ spines then make it pretty difficult to find any injuries around their faces, legs and chest, so our vet Marco lightly sedated Storm to ensure he had a full check.

Though not suffering from any obvious injuries, Storm was warmed up, given supportive fluids, and is currently under preventative treatment, due to the high risk of him developing respiratory issues.

If you do have any uncovered drains, holes in your garden, or if you know of any in your community, please, try to cover them, where possible. These guys are just trying to go about their business, and shouldn’t have to worry about falling into a man-made hole, whilst trying to find some dinner!

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