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Things change on a daily basis here at our wildlife hospital, so we often find ourselves suddenly needing something we didn’t need yesterday!  If you can help with our latest requirement then you can be sure it will be welcomed with open arms!

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Amazon is a treasure trove of goodies for our animals!  We have put together a ‘wish list’ of items that we use all the time and a few special gifts that we would really, really like!  You can set us up as a ‘delivery address’ on your own account and have the amazon wish list items send directly to us.  Easy peasy!

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Our online pet supplies shop has an added bonus!  Every time you order from this site you will be helping the Wildlife Aid Foundation… Thanks to our partners Centaur for setting this up and for donating a % of every sale to WAF!

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From pens and pencils to books and DVDs, this is your one-stop wildlife shop!

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Without donations from our supporters The Wildlife Aid Foundation would simply not be able to run.  We wish we could thank every single person that contributes but of course that is impossible!  However we will try and mention as many as we can here, so look out for your name!