New season, new challenges

As the wild world begins, tentatively, to emerge from the darkness of winter, those that successfully navigated the sparse, colder months are now faced with new challenges. Not only must they provide for themselves, but also for their young. With breeding season already well underway, parents must continue to face nest disturbances, unprecedented predator attacks, road accidents, habitat destruction and diminishing resources, while, for their young, these threats will have to be overcome, in order to survive and co-exist in an increasingly urbanised new world. In a progressively hostile landscape, the tiny, fragile, and innocent orphans of 2024, those yet to be found, are, tragically, inevitable.

Will you make a donation today, to help fight for their survival?

Every single animal is invaluable to their species

Safeguarding today’s wildlife is fundamental for the generations to come. A female hedgehog can produce 5 - 7 hoglets, every year, for up to 10 years. That’s 70 hedgehogs, born to any one single female, in her life time, which is a vital contribution to the future of her species. For every animal you help us save, you’ll not only be caring for one animal, but safeguarding their species for future generations to come.

Can we count on you, today?

Struggling to survive and raise their young

Each year, our intake of orphans surpasses that of the previous year’s, which is a sign of the struggles wildlife faces with the increasing loss of the natural resources they need to survive and raise their young. But, with your help, we offer hope, a beacon of light, a small gesture of kindness, to give these orphans a second chance, a chance to experience the freedom that a natural and wild life can give them. A chance to live their life as nature intended.

The hope for wildlife

As we have for the past 40 years, we will continue to be there for wildlife in need, for as long as they need us. Will you be there for them, too?

The rollercoaster that is orphan season has begun. Our care team is working day and night to give the hundreds of vulnerable lone orphans a second chance. In any one day, at the peak of orphan season, we will have over 800 patients in care, each depending on us for food, warmth, and treatment, for their survival. So, like their parents, we, too, are pushed to our limits, our own resources depleting rapidly, with every 15-minutely feed.

But, with your generous support and compassion, you can help us rise to these challenges; your help can to be the difference between life and death.

Fighting for survival

Our goal is to raise £54,700 over the next FOUR months. That’s £13,675 per month, to help provide the care and support our depleting wildlife desperately needs.

Your gift, today, will enable the successful return of numerous orphaned animals back into their natural habitats and, as such, critically, uphold the delicate balance between humanity and the natural world.

How your donation will make a difference

  • £10 will provide one fox cub with seven bottle feeds.
  • £20 will buy two weeks of antibiotics for injured patients.
  • £50 can provide three weeks of food for a baby hedgehog.
  • £100 will feed an owlet for an entire week.
  • £250 can purchase a life-saving incubator.

We know how much you care for wildlife because you have been there for our patients, time and again; we hope we can count on you, once more.

From everyone at Wildlife Aid, especially the animals, thank you for your unwavering kindness and support.