Appeal for Recovery Boxes-TARGET REACHED!!

We are in desperate need of new incubators for our orphans!
Every year we see hundreds of orphaned babies, ranging from tiny new born birds, to fox cubs and badger cubs. All of these babies need round the clock care if they are to survive and be released when they are old enough.
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We are in need of some larger recovery boxes for the increasing number of large bird of prey patients, such as Buzzards and Red Kites.

It’s never quiet at WAF. In the past year we have had to deal with an increasing number of wing and leg injuries to the larger birds of prey. In 35 years we had never had a red kite as a patient, but, in the last year, we have admitted 5 red kites (they have obviously now arrived in Surrey at last!). We are also seeing more and more buzzards, every year.

Most of their injuries require treatment by specialist orthopaedic vets, which is not only costly, but involves long recovery periods. Luckily, we have a great relationship with some orthopaedic vets who willing give us their time for free, only charging us for the various disposables, drugs and equipment used.

We have a number of smaller recovery boxes, which are perfect for the smaller birds of prey – such as kestrels and owls – but are a bit tight for the bigger birds of prey. We need to buy some larger recovery boxes for these patients. We would like 3 new ones, which cost £200 each.

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