• Patient updates

Thank you for bringing a patient to the Wildlife Aid Foundation

We endeavour to respond to initial patient update enquiries within ten working days.

Please be patient and submit just ONE form per admission. Completing multiple forms for the same patient creates more work for our already very busy and small team and will delay other updates!

Read the form carefully and fully complete all details. Incorrect completion or missing information will result in a delay to your update, or may even mean we are unable to provide one. All of the information you need will be on the leaflet provided on admission.

For rescues, please include the postcode that the animal was rescued from and the approximate time of day the volunteer attended.

Many of our responses end up in spam or junk folders, so please ensure you check these.

Patient Update Request

This must be the name of the person who signed the patient over to our care.

The diary number is on the leaflet given when you brought the patient in. We cannot provide an update unless this is correct.

What type of animal did you bring in?

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