Ride London cycle event 10/8/14

Due to the closure of many roads in Surrey on 10th August due to the Ride London cycle event, people should check carefully before trying to reach us with injured wildlife.  There will be better access than previous years (or so we are promised!), but it will still be worth checking with us BEFORE you set out.

If your route to Leatherhead is affected by the road closures then please CALL US FIRST on 09061 800132 so we can advise you what the best course of action is.

We can explain the best first aid you can give to patients, which will hopefully keep them going until the roads are open again in the evening, when you can bring them into us.

We have some volunteers who are able to take delivery of injured animals at their home and look after them, so again, call us, and we can advise.

We also have telephone numbers of other centres in the surrounding counties, so again, please call and we may be able to find an alternative hospital for you to go to.