Wildlife SOS - Series 9

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Season 9

S09E01 Episode 1
The first badger cub of the spring arrives at the centre after being attacked by a dog, and Simon tries to free a muntjac deer that has become stuck in a gate.

S09E02 Episode 2
The newest member of Wildlife Aid comes face to face with an angry squirrel under a sink, while a fox cub with a severe case of mange is brought in.

S09E03 Episode 3
Sara relocates the fledglings to a new aviary, and Simon tries to deal with a fox whose head is stuck in a vent - but the only solution is to cut it free with an angle grinder.

S09E04 Episode 4
A drunken deer that has been eating fermenting apples is brought in to sleep it off, and Sara collects a fox that has been relaxing in someone's bedroom.

S09E05 Episode 5
Goff and Simon demonstrate a new way of catching waterfowl, while Sara rescues a family of young foxes and gives an update on Tilly the badger cub.

S09E06 Episode 6
Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais visits the centre after agreeing to become a patron, and in return he asks for two hedgehogs for his back garden.

S09E07 Episode 7
More wildlife rescues

S09E08 Episode 8
The centre receives a call about what looks like an exotic scarlet king snake in a lawnmower, and a fox cub becomes tangled in netting.

S09E09 Episode 9
Simon takes a look at the plight of the red squirrel, and boxes of young birds are brought into the centre, including a kestrel chick and baby seagulls.

S09E10 Episode 10
Simon responds to a bizarre call, an exotic bird gives Sara the run around, and there is an update on a badger cub.

S09E11 Episode 11
The time arrives for the badgers to be released into the wild and Sara is feeling upset about letting them go. Steve endures the complicated rescue of a trapped owl.

S09E12 Episode 12
The best, funniest and most bizarre rescues and outtakes from the series so far, including interviews with Simon, Steve and Goff, and Sara.

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