The Wildlife Aid Centre - mock-up view

The Wildlife Aid Centre - Giving British wildlife a future

The Wildlife Aid Centre

The Wildlife Aid Centre will be a 20-acre wildlife corridor, learning centre and world-class wildlife hospital and rehabilitation centre.  

It is biggest and boldest project the Wildlife Aid Foundation has ever embarked on and it will be our legacy.

The story so far….

From humble beginnings The Wildlife Aid Foundation has grown into one of the most influential and experienced wildlife care charities in the UK. But our decades of experience have shown us over 95% of our rescues happen because wildlife comes into contact with humans. What if we could reduce that statistic? What if every one of us knew how to better support our amazing wildlife?

And so the idea for the Wildlife Aid Centre was born.

We will build a centre that has even better facilities to treat our patients, provides a range of vital habitats offering sanctuary for wildlife and enables everyone to become environmental guardians of the future.

We have been planning the Wildlife Aid Centre for over a decade. Thanks to a wonderfully generous legacy, we have been able to purchase 20-acres of land less than a mile from our current site in Surrey. All the planning permissions are in place, and we are ready to turn this vision into reality.

The details

  • We will restore the land and create a network of diverse, productive ecosystems – including 12 acres of wetland habitats that will attract a range of birds, mammals, amphibians, invertebrates and other wildlife. There will be ponds, bog, swales and scrapes, woodland habitats, species-rich grassland habitats and a wildflower meadow.
  • Schools, families, community groups and general visitors will be able to come and learn about the incredible wildlife in Surrey, how to protect it, and how to bring more nature into their own lives.
  • Accessible boardwalks, viewing platforms and hides will enable visitors to see wildlife up close. Learning experiences for all will be offered in the open air and in the specifically designed centre. 
  • A fully-equipped medical facility will be purpose-built and staffed by full-time vets and vet nurses. Its core mission will be to treat, rehabilitate and release animals back to the wild. It will be a centre of excellence for wildlife veterinary practice.
  • Unique training courses to the veterinary community will be offered, giving knowledge, education and information on British wild animal care.
  • Our environmental engagement programme, iDot (‘I Do One Thing’) will be the core of the Wildlife Aid Centre, inspiring people to carry out one simple planet-preserving action every day, taking lasting personal responsibility for the nature around us.

Sponsorship and fundraising

The Wildlife Aid Foundation receives no statutory funding and relies on the generosity of donors. The capital fundraising appeal for The Wildlife Aid Centre offers a range of sponsorship and donor opportunities, including naming rights and gifts in kind. For more information on how to get involved email us here