Wildlife SOS - The Book

Following the fantastic sales of our book ‘Wildlife SOS’, the publishers have brought out a paperback edition available NOW through the Wildlife Aid website! (Signed copies available on request.)

Written for all ages to enjoy, the book is a colourful collection of stories featuring the rescue, rehabilitation and release of some of the centre’s young orphaned patients over the years.

A sneaky preview you say? Well… alright then:

I gulped. It was all I could think to do to be honest. Before me towered a giant. Blocking out what had formerly been a rather spectacular view of the full moon, and, indeed, most of the stars.

I had been in my kitchen, shutting up shop for the night and awaiting my dogs’ return from their evening constitutional, when I had spotted a figure in the driveway. Curious, (if not a little apprehensive, as the stranger’s stature seemed to grow in meters at a time, rather that inches, as he loomed ever closer) I’d stood my ground in the doorway.

Clad from head to toe in leather- as imposing as it was beat-up, stood all of my childhood nightmares personified. With my entire life flashing before my very eyes, I silently prayed that my imminent demise would be quick and painless, that someone would remember to give my aging golden retriever, Sam, his Rimadyl tablet each night in my pending absence, and that this colossal (supposed) human being was not in fact the new beau of either one of my beautiful daughters.

As the giant raised its arm (and I held my breath), nothing could have prepared me for what came next. Pushing aside a mop of dishevelled hair from his face, a much-unexpected picture was revealed. The giant was crying.

Bemusedly, I followed his mottled gaze and was incredulous to see, as he pulled back one side of his jacket; a tiny Little Owl nestled carefully in its inside pocket. With tears now streaming freely down his ruddy, bearded cheeks… “ Lil’ sole jus flew strigh’ in’a me win’ screen. Ther’ were nuthin’ I’cu do!” convulsed the infinitely less intimidating hulk of a man. I pushed the front door further open behind me, indicating for him to follow me into the house and noticing as I did so, the beginnings of what I was later to learn was a 17 tonne lorry strewn abandonedly across my driveway (and the majority of the road).

Each creature’s tale, as told in Simon’s inimitable tone, is accompanied by a beautiful picture of the animal in question, taken by Wildlife Aid’s own resident photographer.

“Having worked in wildlife care for over 25 years, there have been a number of incidents that have really stuck with me; from the heart-warming to the heart-breaking, the sublime to the ridiculous, such that I felt it was high time I (with massive help from my daughter, Lou) put pen to paper in order to share some of these events with all those who have followed and supported the work of Wildlife Aid.’


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