One chance for a perfect duckling rescue!

Rescues often don’t go exactly as you originally planned, but it is very rare that everything falls into place and the rescue goes without a hitch.

Simon was recently called out to rescue a mother duck and ducklings from a hospital courtyard. they had limited food and water, and predation had already seem the lost of most of the ducklings.

With the help of Connor and Ed, two of our volunteers, Simon had to work quickly to avoid the mother being spooked and flying away. Ducks are very flighty, and once scared from her offspring she would be unlikely to return.

Simon’s one-of-a-kind method involves deploying a long tubular net before gently shepherding the birds into it. This relies on slow movements and a lot of patience, but Simon has become very good at it!

With expert precision, the birds stepped straight into the net and were quickly captured. Stay tuned for more updates on this family coming soon!

Want to hear Simon’s thoughts about this rescue? Watch our directors cut below!

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