Go WILD to help wildlife cases in vet practices!







Each year, the Wildlife Aid Foundation believes that up to 1 million wildlife casualties are taken to commercial veterinary practices, mainly by the public. A very large percentage of these cases are euthanised. WAF’s goal is to rehabilitate and return as many wild animals as possible to their natural habitat. In order to do so, we are asking vets and veterinary staff to go WILD for wildlife by following these four simple steps:

Wildlife Centre; contact your local organisation for advice.

Injury; what injury has the patient incurred?

Location; precisely where was the patient found?

Details; take the contact details of the person who found it.

With the correct information, wildlife rescue centres like the Wildlife Aid Foundation have a much better chance of getting recovered wildlife back out to the wild.

24/7 helpline – 09061 800132 (calls charged at 50p a minute)