Go WILD to help wildlife cases in vet practices!

16-5-16collapsedfoxcubrevivedreaction2017-06-26tawnyowleyeinspectionEach year WAF believe that up to 1 million wildlife casualties are taken to commercial veterinary practices, mainly by the public. A very large percentage of these cases are euthanised and the remainder end up in wildlife centres for rehabilitation.

Our goal is to return as many to the wild as possible and in order to give them the best opportunity of a second chance, we are asking vets and veterinary staff to follow some simple steps and go WILD for wildlife.

W – Wildlife Centre; have the details of your local one available and call them for advice.

IInformation; get as much as possible about the animal and the circumstances in which it was found.

LLocation, where was the animal found, be as precise as possible!

DDetails; take contact details for the person who found it.

With the correct information, wildlife rescue centres like The Wildlife Aid Foundation have a much better chance of getting recovered wildlife back to their natural habitats.

For help or advice on wildlife cases please call our helpline on 09061800132